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Our Story

Accessorizing . Redefined

Elevated Style and Design

Exceptional Service

Timeless Chic . Great Price

Who says you can’t have it all…


Welcome to GlamoryzIT.  We are proud to present to you the first choice of handbag accessories that can personally be placed wherever you wish on your handbag. Our products are easy to use and trendy.  We offer the first and only stylish, eye-catching, fashion forward magnetic handbag accessories that exists today.   We approach fashion with a modern vision to accessorize handbags with a tasteful style and design that is sophisticated, iconic and modern. Each piece in our collection is chosen with a spotlight on accessorizing!   With versatility in mind, our products will bring an innate sense of Glamour to your life!


Our spirited approach to the everyday encourages personal self expression with a dash of charm. Our delightful accessories will show you how to get more mileage from every handbag you wear. We call it living “zestfully”! 

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